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She’s a keeper

On Saturday mornings there’s nothing i like more than going for a walk with my Mum and then chatting over coffee afterwards. Luckily, we now have the perfect place do to it. Some may even call it legendary.

My Legendary Girlfriend seemed to pop up out of nowhere, and ironically it looked just like a pop up store. Fortunately for me it’s still standing and maintains a huge following, day in and day out. Named after Pulp’s 1991 song, My Legendary Girlfriend, you can notice the ode to old school rock pop. The place has a really different vibe from Cafe Domain, 181 and The Botanical, that also line the village-style Domain Road in South Yarra. And when i say different, i mean cooler. It’s more Jimi Hendrix than One Direction.


The baristas are edgy and seriously good at their craft, the long communal table in the centre makes you feel right at home and the artwork along the walls is reminiscent of the grunge music scene. If this cafe was a person, he would ooze cool, have a beard, wear a hat and sport sexy tattoos, most of which are hidden under fashion that makes you think. He’s not husband material but you wouldn’t say no to a weekend rendezvous. It’s an interesting analogy, you might be thinking, but i know you get it. 

Every time i visit the Girlfriend i order a large skinny latte. The large comes in a fishbowl of a mug, which is just what i like, especially in the morning. I don’t want to go swimming in my coffee, but if i did, let me tell you, this would definitely be the mug for the job. Tea is served in beautiful porcelain cups and saucers that look like they’ve been picked up in the local op shop and all hot drinks arrive with a little printed fortune cookie quote - it’s a nice touch. The food looks delicious and the menu is, while pretty cafe standard, full of your favourites. Smashed avo with Persian feta, Pancakes with Spiced Marscapone and Sardines on crispy rye with roasted red tomatoes. You’ll find there’s not much to dislike about this place.

From the perfect location opposite the Botanical Gardens, the cosy atmosphere and the delightful marriage of grunge and upper class, this is one girlfriend you might just want to keep around. 

My Legendary Girlfriend

157 Domain Road

South Yarra VIC 3141

(03) 9077 4863 

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