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Maedaya Made my Day

My favourite Japanese restaurant now has some severe competition after the uber cool eatery i visited on Saturday. Maedaya (translated to ‘House of Maeda’ after owner, Toshi Maeda) on Bridge Road, Richmond, really was an experience. 

Sitting up at the bar was a good decision. From the view of rows of Sake bottles and chefs running back and forth, to the smell of the grilling going on at the BBQ, i really could have been in Tokyo. The decor was cool. The music was cool. Toshi was cool. The whole vibe was cool. Speaking of which, our Kirin was kept, you guessed it, cool, by these awesome beer mugs which are half frozen on the inside to keep the temperature of your drink just right. The only thing not cool about Maedaya was the warm sake, the delicious soft shell crab, chargrilled asparagus wrapped in bacon and the deliciously tender chicken skewers. Melt-in-your-mouth tuna sashimi was the best i’ve had, and the sushi, while not an easy date-meal, was fresh and seriously tasty.

But the coolness just kept rolling. We ordered our food and drinks off iPads - as simple as ordering the stock-standard way - but way more fun. Sure, it’s less personal and the waiters now miss out on my stellar comedy, but hey, this is where technology is going. Sorry to break it to you, Baby Boomers.  


It’s amazing how after two beers and nearly two bottles of the best sake, i can remember anything about the place at all, but it’s a good thing i do. I already want to go back and do it all over again. How cool is that?!


398 & 400 Bridge Rd

Richmond, VIC

(03) 9428 3918 

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