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Good Morning, Vietnam

Visiting Hanoi Hannah for the second time, there’s no guessing why the little Vietnamese restaurant reaches full capacity every night of the week. With the line Sex, Drugs and Rice Paper Rolls graffitied on the exterior of the popular Prahran eatery, it was a given this place would be right up my (pun-loving) alley. 

If you can get past the up-to-one-hour wait for a table (which is nicely eased by wines at The Smith over the road), you’ll soon realise it’s very worth it. Either that or you’ll just be too pissed to care. The food is street-style and kick arse. Fresh rice paper rolls, betel leef cigars, the best pork belly sliders i’ve had and crispy soft shell crab are just some of the tastes that make you wish you had married the chef. If you’re a Phô-phan like most people, apparently it’s pretty good here too.


The atmosphere of Hanoi Hannah is noisy and fun and it’s easy to forget you’re still in Melbourne (that’s if you can ignore the archetypal Melbourne cool kids that you rub shoulders with at the bar). The music is loud, the sangria packs a fruity punch and the vibe of this buzzing little hawker kitchen will have you coming back again and again, it’s that phucking good.  

Hanoi Hannah 

180 High Street 

Prahran, VIC 3181

(03) 9939 5181

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