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Moroccan Roll

When you’re heading out for dinner, don’t you want a good atmosphere, good food, good location, good service, good reviews and good times? If you don’t, you can stop reading and go to Hungry Jack’s on Chapel Street - i hear they make a mean burger. But i do, and B’Stilla in Bray Street, South Yarra, has officially done it again for the third time in a row. From the friendly waitress you want to ask to join your table for a drink, to the complimentary mint tea as a palate-warmer, the perfectly-spiced share plates and the comfy interior, there is little i can criticise this new and already very popular restaurant on. 

It’s suitable for a low key Wednesday night or as i just discovered, a wintery Saturday date night. The food is designed to be shared and if you can manage the mouthful of complicated dish names (there is a glossary on the back of the menu for us less-travelled), you’ll find every mouthful is well worth the stuttering. Chargrilled whole prawns, the namesake pigeon and duck B’stilla, spinach and eggplant Rgahaif (see what i mean?) and fall-apart lamb shoulder were the standouts, but every single dish we had was well cooked, full of Flavor Flav and perfectly proportioned. Enjoyed with a bottle of Pinot Noir away from the cold of Melbourne winter at its peak, this was my kind of night.

Sure, if it was 4am and i had enjoyed one too many vodka sodas then maybe Hungry Jack’s could have done the job.



30b Bray Street

South Yarra, VIC 3141

(03) 9826 2370

Their website is here

B’stilla gets 94% on Urbanspoon 

B'Stilla on Urbanspoon