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The New (Karate) Kid on the Block

Ah, Mr Miyagi. No longer just a fictional, ass-kicking Karate master brought to life in the movie, Karate Kid, but now also a kick-ass Japanese fusion restaurant-come-bar-come-hangout on Chapel Street, Windsor.

It’s about time someone opened up a restaurant this side of town that had swank to rival the best of the CBD dining holes and now, finally, it has arrived. Mr Miyagi is newly open and from all accounts, is fly-kicking goals. The décor is just how i like my men: cool, dark and sophisticated and with enough edge to make you want to go home and tell your friends.

There was good music, great, friendly staff and the menu, nicely sectioned like a good boxing match into several different rounds, had everything you’d expect and more from a modern, fusion diner. The Wagyu Beef Tataki was fresh and delicious, the Battered Corn with popcorn and corn mayo was like corn-food-porn and the Miyagi Fried Chicken, served in its very own takeaway-esque, MFC (like KFC but, well, good) cardboard box, packed a punch better than Mr Kesuke Miyagi himself. 

Mr Miyagi just has a good vibe. But in addition to that, it’s backed up by tasty food, great service and the perfect mix of Melbourne cool and Japanese genius. Arigatou, boys. 

Mr Miyagi 

99 Chapel Street

Windsor, 3181

(03) 9529 5999


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